Hotel Fontan Hotel Beach Resort in Ixtapa

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This is an all inclusive hotel

Located on the Golden sands of Ixtapa , where the natural beauty and the sound of the crashing waves of the magnificent blue Pacific Ocean greets you with a refreshing tropical breeze. Fontan Hotel is Located just 10 minutes away from Zihuatanejo Bay by taxi and just 5 minutes away from Ixtapa Marina, This is an all inclusive hotel.

Hotel Fontan Ixtapa, with a total of 472 rooms, is located in the center of the beach 'El Palmar' the most beautiful of the Mexican Pacific. It is ideal for those who like to enjoy the best of sea and a beach destination.


Shuttle Transportation Round Trip Rates Zone I Ixtapa:
- Price per person  35 Usd Round Trip Minimun 2.
- People 3-to 5 People same flight same hotel $ 28 Usd per person.
- 6 and up 25 Usd per person.

Private  Transportation Round Trip Rates Zone I Ixtapa:
- Private  Taxi 3 people 85 Usd  
- Private Suburban Max Cap. 8 people 175 Usd
- Private Bus Cap. 42 people 550 Usd.




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